What equipment do I need to start Cat Grooming?

Professionals list

Whether you are starting out in Cat Grooming, or adding to your services, here is the list of what I recommend in a basic Cat Grooming Kit.

Please note all links are recommendations, you may choose your own retailer/wholesaler.


-High Non-slip table

-A5 blade type clippers (eg. Heiniger Saphir Clipper, Wahl Km10 or Oster Pro 3000i)

-Steel blade/s: #10, 7F (if ceramic not available)

-Ceramic Blade/s: #7F, 10. (3F or 4F if looking at teddy clips in future)

-Mini Trimmers or #30 blade for pads (eg. Heiniger Mini, Wahl Bravura Mini, Shear Magic mini)

-Short 6inch thinning scissors for around head, tops of feet

-Non-scented baby wipes

-Small Dog Nail Clippers

-Clipper oil spray and disinfectant

-Veterinary Elizabethan Collar (easy to snap on/off type)

-First Aid kit

-Greyhound comb

-Cat Comb fine comb)

-Shedding Comb (Gripsoft shedding comb)

-Mini Persian face comb


-Shampoo Dilution Bottles

-Cat friendly Clarifying Shampoo (Progroom Xtra Clean, Petway Clarifying, Secret Weapon Shampoos, Artero 4Cats)

-Shower hose

-Happy Hoodie/Show tech ear buddy

-Large bath sheets (towels) for towel wrapping

-Dryer with an adjustable dial (eg. Lanton, Shernbao CycloneAelous Cyclone.)

-Small Nail Clippers

-Greyhound Comb

-Pin Brush

-Shedding Comb (Gripsoft Shedding Comb or CC Cat Comb)

To see a full list, see my online Professional Courses Bathing the Feline, and Clipping the Feline.