IPG Cat Grooming Certification

Membership needs to be obtained from


before a certification package can be purchased from Cat Grooming Education.

Knowledge based tests are completed on the resource guides included in the certification package.

Hands-on exams are to be videoed (CCG) or completed in front of a certifier. Cat Grooming Education with Lexie teaches the hands-on components in salon and online by learncatgrooming.com.au (In Australia).

Track One

Certified Cat Groomer $420 AUD

  • Hours verification of 300+ hours of experience
  •  Knowledge based tests on safety, basic anatomy, sanitisation, basic client communication.
  • Bathing and Drying station analysis
  •  Hands-on examination in person, by zoom or video link for a bath and blow-dry showing low stress handling techniques.

Track Two

Advanced Cat Groomer $460 AUD

  • Hours verification of 600+ hours of experience
  • Knowledge based tests on advanced anatomy, clipping lines and safety, body language, basic first aid and record keeping
  • Hands-on examination in person or by zoom for a clipped trim of your choice

Track Three

Certified Master Cat Groomer $595 AUD

  • Hours verification of 1000+ hours of experience
  • Safety protocols list
  • TICA breed report
  • Hands- on examination of a pedigree cat or household pet to show specifications. This does not need to be a show cat.

Prices can change at any time due to USD to AUD conversion. Extra cost is to be invoiced for examination by Cat Grooming Education. Re-exams will be an extra fee.

How do I become certified through
Cat Grooming Education?

Step 1:

Worldwide: Sign up for the Certified Cat Groomers certificate through IPGICMG.com (worldwide)

Australia: By emailing [email protected]

Step 2: Wait for your certification package. Complete the knowledge exam. Either video your practical exam or book an in-person or zoom certification with Cat Grooming Education (Australia AWST).

You may choose to do the Advanced or Master certification by purchasing further tracks and completing the same steps, these must be completed in-person or live by Zoom.

Step 3:

Worldwide: Send all required paperwork to IPG.

Australia: Complete all exams and paperwork and send them through to Cat Grooming Education.

Step 4: You may choose to do the Advanced or Master certification by purchasing further tracks and completing the same steps. Hands-on exams in these further tracks must be completed live or by zoom. we can organise this in your own time (AWST) for Australian Groomers.

Any questions? Email [email protected]