Teaching you to confidently bath cats with my proven slow introduction and low stress handling techniques.

Written by Lexie, qualified Veterinary Nurse and Master Cat Groomer with over 15 years experience.

Want to learn to bathe cats, without the scratches, mess and force?

Want to be taught by an

experienced Cat Groomer,

who has used these techniques for over 14 years in a Cat Grooming Salon?

Want to learn all of this online,

at your own pace?

You've come to the right place!

Course Preview

What's included?


Whether you are working for a grooming shop, a veterinary clinic or cattery, it is recommended to have cats to practice your grooming with to have the full effect of the course. You may of course choose to watch the videos and complete the course. I recommend shorthair, longhair, and different temperaments. It is also recommended to contact me during your training with any questions and grooms you have completed.

The pet owners of the cats must know that you are training in cat grooming, as accidents happen, so this must be discussed and insurance to cover your training premises.

Basic behaviour and handling is included, but an in depth course such as 'behaviour for the cat groomer' would benefit assessing the client and prevent injury to you.

Course equipment recommendations here

Learning Objectives

  • Knowledge of basic signs of stress
  • Ability to hand wash a cat using slow introduction techniques
  • Blow-drying a cat using towel wrapping techniques
  • Bathe a cat in an emergency
  • Choose a shampoo based in ingredients and use
  • Bathe and dry a cat according to coat type
  • Clip cat's nails effectively
  • Knowledge of what to do if a cat flails in a bath
  • Can chose tools to use correctly for de-shedding based on cats coat length and coat type
  • Avoid cat bites by muzzle and monitoring stress signs

Hi, I’m Lexie, I am an Australian Cat Groomer, Certified Master Cat Groomer (London Cat Grooming School) and a Qualified Veterinary Nurse who has been grooming cats for over 13 years.

I am contacted regularly by professionals and pet owners alike, seeking help to start grooming cats or increase training. In this program I will be sharing my knowledge with you!

See my business page about me

What will you learn in this course:

Why do we bath cats?

  • Bathing emergencies
  • What to watch for with skin issues

Product Selection

  • Shampoo Choice
  • Ingredients to avoid
  • Signs of poisoning
  • Recommended Shampoos

Tool Choice

  • Types of combs and brushes and their uses
  • Dryer Choice
  • Grooming based on coat types
  • Towels
  • Ear protection
  • Making Ear Protection

Restraints, behaviour and handling

  • Removing the cat from the carrier (video)
  • Signs of stress- Subtle, medium, extreme
  • Cat reactions- Four F's
  • When to stop the groom (stress)
  • How to deal with an out of control cat (video)
  • Restraints and muzzles
  • Why not tether?
  • Prolonged Stress
  • Cat Bites First Aid
  • PPE

Nail Clipping

  • Video


  • Hydrobath use
  • Setting up and area preparation
  • Tools Checklist
  • Bathing instructions and video
  • Avoiding escapees and bites

Towel Wrapping

  • Video


  • Instructions and videos

Kitten Grooming


  • The finishing comb (video)
  • Client checkout

Test your learning

  • Support information

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See our students feedback

Cathie Winn, Cat Groomer and Feline Behaviourist. Bathing the Feline, Clipping the Feline.

"Lexie explains grooming methods very well and shows them clearly in the videos. I have found both courses I have done, had parts I have now included in my own grooming. The courses have helped me immensely in showing I was doing grooming the same way and gave me more confidence in my methods."

Joanne C. Professional Groomer. Clipping the Feline, Bathing the Feline student.

"Definitely recommend anyone wanting to groom cats to do this course. As a dog groomer being able to add cats to my business has been a real advantage. Lexie's course has taught me so much and instilled confidence. My grooms and handling skills have improved 100%."

Brianna E. Veterinary Nurse Received One-on-one training

"Being a vet nurse, I felt it important to learn how to groom cats. Lexie taught me this in a very professional and friendly manor. I observed her and was talked through it first, before having a go myself. It was much more difficult than I thought - especially when you have a strong cat like my Tom! There’s a lot more to it than just shaving them - multiple different brushes & clipper blade techniques, handling techniques and very importantly, making it a stress free experience as much as possible to the cat..... I can’t recommend Lexie enough!"

Naomi F. - Professional Cat Groomer, Received One-on-one training

"Lexie's calm, careful, thorough training turned the daunting idea of washing a cat, into a skill set that has added growth to my business and allowed me to indulge my passion of felines! I am very proud to tell clients I was taught by Lexie."

From Check in

Behaviour types and reactions. Know when to not groom a cat or when to stop grooming.

Bathing and everything for the bath

Product and Tool selection.

Choose products based on ingredients and their use.

Bathing set up.

Blow-drying and finishing.

Blow-drying and handling techniques to finishing and rebooking.


Who are the courses for?

This course is for those working with cat as groomers, cattery assistants, animal attendants, veterinary nurses, grooming assistance or looking at getting into cat grooming.

What equipment do I need?

See full list of recommendations here

What kind of Cat Grooming techniques do you teach?

I teach low stress handling and proven slow introduction techniques. For clipping I use all lengths from 10 to 3F blades and Comb Clips, bath and de-shedding.

Do you demonstrate de-matting techniques?

No, I do not recommend de-matting cats, there is too much risk and adverse effects of doing so.

Do I receive a Certificate?

Yes once completed all Lectures, you receive a Certificate of Completion.

What if I am not happy with my course?

You are entitled to a refund within 30 days of purchasing the course if you have not completed the course and are not satisfied.

Do I need to complete the course in an allocated time?

No, you may take as long as you like.

How many times can I view the videos/content?

You may view the videos and content as many times as you need before you finish the course.

How can I learn more?

Keep up to date with our course launches at https://linktr.ee/catgrooming

What if I need help?

We provide support by our facebook page , groups and email.