Understanding feline behaviour is essential for a Cat Groomer to prevent bites and injuries and keep a happy client.

Take the required history to aid your decision of what is an ideal groom for the client.

We will learn subtle to extreme stress signs so you can read the cat's behaviour.

See Videos of real cats in all levels of contentment to stressed behaviour.

See an example of a new client form intake form of a full behaviour and veterinary history, (and download it) so you have a better indication if a cat will react aggressively during the groom.

How can an owner prevent the cat arriving stressed at the groom?

What causes a change in behaviour during the groom?

How can we prevent a cats stress signs from evolving into extreme stress or aggression.

Learn restraints and muzzles and my personal handling techniques.

Find out when sedation is necessary at a Veterinary Clinic.


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Free Handouts, Posters, 2 page 'New client Form as below

Free New Client Intake form

Hi I'm Lexie your Cat Grooming Teacher

I see such a need in feline behaviour for the Cat Groomer, I am asked often for more information for a Cat Groomer to prevent bites and scratches and improve their handling.



There are no prerequisites of this course.

Learning Objectives

  • Evaluate when to stop/not begin the groom
  • Assess a cats temperament and potential to groom from the new client form to the check in.
  • Read stress signs on any cat in salon
  • See the grooming from the cats point of view
  • Review the types of aggression and triggers
  • Read body language to help interpret a cats future actions
  • Understand the temperaments you may see in salon
  • Explain behaviour modification techniques
  • Recommend when Veterinary sedation is required and refer

Learn about Behaviour Modification Techniques to help the Grooming Process. See an example of what can be added to your salon below: