From the beginning

So you want to learn to groom cats but don't know where to start?

Hi I am Lexie the Groomer, there are a few things I believe are important before you even consider before beginning a Cat Grooming career.

Do you have knowledge of Cat coat types and basic breeds? Link

Do you know basic body language and stress signs?

Stress can kill a cat and cause a nice cat to turn aggressive.

Do you have the right tools? A lot of the cat grooming tools needed, a dog groomer will already own!

Why should I not tether a cat?

What you will learn in my course:

Why do we Clip Cats?

Why do we clip cats and what should be consider before clipping?

Should we clip this cat?

Risks associated with clipping.

Types of clips: Lion Clip, Modified Lion Clip, Teddy Clip, Comb clip, Persian Clip, Short Hair Clipping

Choosing Equipment and use

Have you held and used clippers before?

Did you know that you can use the corner of your blades and that the angle you have your clippers can determine the length of coat taken off?

Basic Behaviour and Anatomy

Check in: When should I not start a groom?

What type of cat has presented to my salon? I will show you basic stress signs, and temperaments and how to control stressful situations should they occur.

Cat Reactions and what to do if a cat flails in salon.

When should I stop (or not start) a groom?

First Aid

Get your body ready! Are you up to date with your tetanus injection? Cat bites and scratches can be serious business hazards! Learn more in our first aid section written by Veterinary Nurse Naomi Conroy. What should you do if you cut a cat's skin? Get together a Groomers' first aid kit for you and the cats. We will cover a full list and first aid examples.

Videos included:

The Lion Clip (With the lay of coat)

The Modified Lion Clip (against the lay of coat)

The Comb Clip

Persian Trim finishing

The 'Brazilian'

Matting removal

A great Groomer is a knowledgeable Groomer!

You cannot go into grooming cats blindfolded guessing without injury.

Find this all out and more in our course!

Let's get started!