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Are you a cat grooming or mixed grooming business, or thinking of becoming one to increase your income, serve your customers and fill service gaps? Do you feel daunted by the ‘how-to’s’ and need some knowledgeable and friendly support? 

Lucky you! You’re in the right place. 
I bring like-minded cat groomer entrepreneurs together who are looking to improve their businesses, grooming techniques and professional skillset. 
The best groomers are the ones who continue their education and can speak knowledgeably to their clients. 

Join a wonderful group of catrepreneurs here, we’re the ‘furrari’ of memberships!  

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Examples of Monthly Modules

  • First Aid in the Grooming Salon and Emergencies!

  • Behaviour in Grooming

  • Pricing for Profit

  • Anatomy of the Feline Skin

  • Setting Client rules and the new client walk through

  • Equipment Choice and maintenance

  • Handling- My tips to a low stress groom

  • Add Ons- Creative Cat Grooming, spa treatments, nail caps

and more!

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Dog and Cat Grooming Salons

Cat Grooming Salons

Dog Grooming adding Cat Grooming services

Starting a Cat Grooming Salon

Salon Owners, managers and entrepreneurs

How does it work?

Each Month you will be emailed when a new module is released

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How does it work?

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