The Cat Class

Advice from Lexie, Master Cat Groomer

To Clip or not to Clip? That is the Meowstion

It's getting hot, you may want to clip your cat. Should I clip? We need to consider a few things first. The Cats coat is it's protection from the elements. It creates undercoat that is built and shed seasonally to help regulate temperature and protect the skin. Clipping the coat exposes...



Why don’t you recommend de-matting? De-matting with de-matting tools is a high-risk grooming procedure, Cat skin is so thin and easy to cut, not to mention the quick movement of a cat. This may cause a trip to the vet to stitch the skin. Is it worth the risk of an unhappy cat and owner? Most...


Reducing Cat Carrier Stress

Remember a cat will always see a carrier as a negative thing as it always leads to a location they don’t enjoy! (unless they are one of our clients that enjoy the grooming/Vet). Being in a car can also mess with their balance and therefore many cats cry. Here are some tips to try and see it in...


Use of Carding tools on Medium to Long hair cats

Furminators or Carding brushes A furminator is a carding tool that is sharp straight out of the packet (just like any blade or stripping tool). It has its use as a tool for short haired coats that lay flat if used carefully and blunted. The cutting edges in between each of these teeth very...