Am I ready to add Cat Grooming to my business?

Short answer Yes, long answer yes.

6 signs you are ready to add Cat Grooming services to your salon

1. You know an employee who is keen, or you are keen, to learn Cat Grooming. And enjoy the company of cats!

2. Your business has clients that also own cats. Survey your clients, there is already so much more income sitting there. And an existing client is more likely to have their cat groomed at your salon, as they already have a relationship with you/your groomers!

3. You have the ability to separate dog and cat clients (by timing or area)

4. You have a safe area to groom a cat free from escape and risks.

5. You'd like to double you or your employees per hour output. (Not forgetting there's a reason it costs more!)

6.. You have the tools required: High bath, dryer, table, greyhound combs, clarifying shampoos, clippers, blades.

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