There are so many reasons why a Cat Groom is at a high rate:

  • Cat Grooming is a specialised animal care field, and should be treated as a specialty.
  • Sedation and a shave at a vet is double, if not more, the cost than using a no sedation Cat Groomer, (when really the risk is higher for the Cat Groomer)
  • Cat Groomers are working with unpredictable domesticated tigers
  • If a Groomer becomes bitten, and it leads to infection, they are out of work for at least a week!
  • Cats have nails, teeth and ninja moves, and they know this!
  • Cats are sit and wait predators, and can launch at any time, we must learn to predict a cats movement with body language (such an important skill by continuing education such as my behaviour course ;-) )
  • Clipping, especially without sedation, has a high risk of cutting a cats fine tissue-paper-like skin. it takes skills and precision. You cannot just pick up a pair of clippers!
  • Have you seen the amount of shampoo (and water) it takes to bath a cat properly? Cats fur repels water and liquids, they don't want to be clean.
  • The amount of electricity used to get through a matted coat and dry a thick coat such as a Maine Coon. As much as grooming a large dog!
  • and sharp strong equipment. The amount of pet owners that say they brought clippers and after one clip had to stop half way and had blunted their clippers

A Cat Groomer is worth their weight in gold! Value your Cat Groomer. They risk it all for their love of Cats.

Below some lovely at home grooming pics: