Why does my cat shed all year round?

In the wild, cats grow hair seasonally. They build up coat in winter and shed in spring and summer to allow air in and cool the body. Due to domestication, breeding, and weather change, many cats shed all year around.

Sometimes this shedding coat gets stuck, with dander and oils, or lack of cleaning. This in turn causes matting and shedding all year around.

In my cat grooming business, my busiest time is usually end of winter, when that winter coat has come in, but there was nowhere to go due to last years’ shedding coat and oils and dander. These cats are matted and the owners have waited as long as they could due to cold. I will usually clip these cats, either all over, or just matting, and recommend a regular prevention groom.

Bathing removes these excess oils and dander, and blow-drying helps separate the hairs and remove this excess undercoat. Bathing regularly can reduce shedding and prevent matting. If excessive shedding persists, or balding patches are present, a change of diet or veterinary treatment may be required.

Are you using the right tools? Some tools do not work effectively, or require to be used a particular way. If you are needing help, seek your Cat Groomers' advice or see our cat maintenance course on correct tools and use. Many tools I see brought at pet shops have been sold to the wrong coat type or species.

If you would like to learn my Cat Groomers techniques on how to bath and blow-dry your cat effectively and with minimal stress, please see our courses. https://learncatgrooming.com.au