It's getting hot, you may want to clip your cat. Should I clip?

We need to consider a few things first.

The Cats coat is it's protection from the elements. It creates undercoat that is built and shed seasonally to help regulate temperature and protect the skin. Clipping the coat exposes the skin to the elements and can reduce it's ability to regulate temperature and protect from sun, wind and rain.

I usually recommend clients continue to bath and brush their cat to remove the excess undercoat to cool the cat, and if preferred, clip the belly/underarms/chest.If your cat is not an all outdoor cat then you may choose to clip your cat for summer. This is completely fine. Your cat may be more comfortable or may not mind either way. Cats sweat through their paws and don't generally pant due to heat. Try to remember your pet will feel the heat different to you, you may feel hot but they find ways to keep cool such as laying on tiles or finding a cool spot in the dark.

Other factors such as hairballs, grass seeds, matting, bad skin and lifestyle, may mean you need to clip your cat. It's a personal choice and I do not tell my clients they are incorrect either way. Knowing you care about your cats comfort means you are a great owner.

An educated choice is a good choice.

Happy Grooming and keep cool!